care instructions

Maintaining latex – how it works!
So that you can enjoy your new item for a long time, we have some care instructions for you here:


The most important thing is to protect latex from sunlight (UV) and drafts (ozone). Small parts such as masks, gloves or the like can be easily stored in cloth bags, cardboard boxes or drawers. Plastic bags are not suitable as the latex inside starts to smell.
Larger items of clothing are best hung in a garment bag (a bed sheet or a piece of fabric with a small hole pulled over the hanger will work, too) on wide wooden hangers – never use metal wire hangers!


A mild shampoo is suitable for cleaning latex after wearing it - simply wash off sweat and silicone residues in the sink or in the bathtub with lukewarm water!

You can dry the inside of the clothing with a normal towel, the smooth outside can either be left to air dry or, to avoid staining with hard water, dab it with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to use microfiber - any other cloth will scratch the surface and dull it.

After drying, the latex should be powdered to keep it from sticking together. The easiest way to do this is to place the piece in a plastic bag with some powder and shake it. Baby or body powder or talcum powder are suitable – but make sure that the powder does not contain any oil!

Because latex reacts with metal when exposed to moisture, it's important to always take extra care to dry metal zippers, eyelets, and rivets. Colored latex in particular can otherwise get stains. Corsages should therefore not lie in water, but only be wiped with a damp cloth.


To give latex its wonderful shine, it is treated with silicone. It can be sprayed on (caution: danger of slipping on tiles and parquet!) or applied in the form of oil with a sponge or microfiber cloth. Special latex polishes are to be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Should a small mishap happen and something break, we can almost always repair pieces from our own production. We can also often help with third-party products, but this can only be decided on a case-by-case basis after assessing the damage.

It is important that the piece must be washed, powdered and completely free of silicone so that we can carry out a repair.

If you have any questions, the Latex Fashion Design team is always at your disposal!